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  • Item quality too high (Safari Hat)
  • Item quality too high (Band of the Kirin Tor)
90CurlsnoutHunterGoblinEarthen RingArmory
90JernmandHunterNight ElfEarthen RingArmory
90IarnaigviWarlockHumanEarthen RingArmory
90FerrenysDruidNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmory
90LyssanPriestNight ElfVek'nilashArmory
90NàhorHunterPandarenEmerald DreamArmory
90NodeadsterRogueNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmory
90GrayarcherHunterNight ElfAerie PeakArmory
90DeidrevenHunterNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmory
90IronicowDruidTaurenWyrmrest AccordArmory
90DeidrevenmMonkNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmory
90XayaforsiHunterPandarenWyrmrest AccordArmory
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Faceguard)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Amulet)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Shoulderguards)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Cloak of Stoicism)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Chestguard)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Armguards)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Handguards)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Waistband)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Legguards)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Greaves)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Ring of Stoicism)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Band of Stoicism)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Defender Idol)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Defender Stone)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Sword)
  • Item quality too high (Sunsoul Bulwark)
  • Class specialization selected (Protection)
  • Talent points spent (6)
90StihlPaladinBlood ElfMoon GuardArmory
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Helm)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Choker)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Spaulders)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Cloak of Rage)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Vest)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Bracers)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Gauntlets)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Belt)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Legguards)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Greaves)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Band of Onslaught)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Ring of Onslaught)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Idol of Rage)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Stone of Rage)
  • Item quality too high (Trailseeker Rifle)
  • Class specialization selected (Survival)
  • Talent points spent (6)
  • Consumables used (2)
  • Guild level too high (25)
90ZekraHunterOrcShadow CouncilArmory
90PoohsterRoguePandarenWyrmrest AccordArmory
90AsyiironHunterPandarenWyrmrest AccordArmory
  • Consumable used
90TænæPriestNight ElfProudmooreArmory
90TanèèDruidNight ElfStormrageArmory
  • Death Knights are outside the original scope of the challenge, as they start at level 55
90IarnaigdktDeath KnightNight ElfEarthen RingArmory
90FerrionaDruidNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmory
90FerreskyePriestNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmory
90IronashsDruidNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmory
90ToxicatDruidNight ElfAlexstraszaArmory
87IronstevoWarlockUndeadEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
87FrozbozMonkNight ElfArmoryUpdate
87OmegairoHunterPandarenEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
85StraziiMageNight ElfIcecrownArmoryUpdate
  • Consumable used
85SolarîsDruidNight ElfTichondriusArmoryUpdate
  • Class specialization selected (Beast Mastery)
85IronnixxHunterNight ElfNazgrelArmoryUpdate
83IrontamerDruidNight ElfShadow CouncilArmoryUpdate
82МакдэдлиHunterUndeadBorean TundraArmoryUpdate
80TurbohunterHunterNight ElfEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
78IronpetHunterNight ElfWildhammerArmoryUpdate
74EisenwindHunterNight ElfThrallArmoryUpdate
73ReallinkimcWarriorNight ElfTerenasArmoryUpdate
  • Consumables used (3)
73IronnehunterHunterNight ElfSen'jinArmoryUpdate
72StemnoxPaladinDwarfWyrmrest AccordArmoryUpdate
70IsenwahnHunterNight ElfThrallArmoryUpdate
68SillithiosHunterNight ElfMoongladeArmoryUpdate
68IrontacotwoHunterNight ElfSilver HandArmoryUpdate
67AmironWarlockHumanWyrmrest AccordArmoryUpdate
67ÙlrickyHunterNight ElfWhisperwindArmoryUpdate
  • Class specialization selected (Beast Mastery)
66IrontakefourHunterOrcDarkmoon FaireArmoryUpdate
65NelisanRogueBlood ElfKhaz ModanArmoryUpdate
64EmberHunterNight ElfCaelestraszArmoryUpdate
64KneehiPriestGnomeEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
64XayarogueRogueNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmoryUpdate
63KeHunterNight ElfArgent DawnArmoryUpdate
63IronzoltâShamanDwarfConfrérie du ThoriumArmoryUpdate
62IronsteveDruidTrollEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
62FiftyeightShamanGoblinBlade's EdgeArmoryUpdate
61AltironMonkPandarenEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
60IrongraaeegDruidNight ElfEluneArmoryUpdate
60ThreeironPaladinHumanWyrmrest AccordArmoryUpdate
60IronmanqtHunterNight ElfDragonblightArmoryUpdate
  • Death Knights are outside the original scope of the challenge, as they start at level 55
58IroknightessDeath KnightNight ElfNazgrelArmoryUpdate
  • Guild level too high (25)
  • Death Knights are outside the original scope of the challenge, as they start at level 55
55WrinklecreamDeath KnightHumanTwisting NetherArmoryUpdate
  • Class specialization selected (Unholy)
  • Death Knights are outside the original scope of the challenge, as they start at level 55
55BroteinDeath KnightTaurenDraenorArmoryUpdate
  • Consumables used (5)
54IronbelfHunterBlood ElfAggramarArmoryUpdate
54TialariaRogueBlood ElfWyrmrest AccordArmoryUpdate
  • Consumable used
53TrekzhunterHunterTrollEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
51IronmïndRogueGoblinConfrérie du ThoriumArmoryUpdate
51NironenDruidNight ElfWyrmrest AccordArmoryUpdate
50IroncowboyPaladinTaurenArgent DawnArmoryUpdate
50IronfenPaladinTaurenEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
50IarnaigviiRogueGnomeEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
49IronpriestPriestNight ElfNesingwaryArmoryUpdate
49QuironHunterDwarfDarkmoon FaireArmoryUpdate
  • Consumables used (18)
49UrsocDruidTaurenWyrmrest AccordArmoryUpdate
48IronfelisHunterDraeneiConfrérie du ThoriumArmoryUpdate
47ChallangeiroHunterDwarfChamber of AspectsArmoryUpdate
47IronhunterHunterNight ElfTerenasArmoryUpdate
46InishfreeHunterNight ElfShadow CouncilArmoryUpdate
  • Secondary profession learned (Cooking)
46EiianaHunterHumanDarkmoon FaireArmoryUpdate
  • Class specialization selected (Beast Mastery)
  • Talent points spent (3)
45IronlacieHunterGoblinEarthen RingArmoryUpdate
  • Primary profession learned (Mining)
  • Primary profession learned (Herbalism)
  • Secondary profession learned (Archaeology)
45IronwingDruidNight ElfGarroshArmoryUpdate
45HlapicHunterOrcDarkmoon FaireArmoryUpdate
  • Consumable used
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